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Mini Phase: Halloween!

Quick note: Since I was informed that people never got their Apples to Apples PMs at a point where I had to make the entry or you'd run out of time to play, the challenge was canceled. We'll do it next phase. Everyone who participated got their 10 points & everyone who ends the phase with 1190-1199 points will get the point cap bonus as they would have reached 1200 if this was finished. I don't know if anyone will be in that range but if someone was counting on those points, no room for panic!

Speaking of panic -
Are You Ready to be Scaaaaarrreeed?

As I mentioned, we're having a mini Halloween phase from Monday, October 21st to Monday, November 4th. After that there will be a short break and phase 3 will start on the 10th of November.

I'm putting this up today even though phase two isn't over because I want to give you the whole weekend & a little bit more to sign up for the mini phase.

You are not required to participate in the Halloween phase in order to stay in the community for phase 3. This is just a low-key thing we're doing over the break between phases 2 and 3. Official poll will be there before phase 3 for you to fill out regardless of your participation in the mini phase.

This will work differently, too. You're getting new, smaller, temporary teams, the challenges will be smaller - everything in some way related to Halloween - and the social aspect will be a bit more prominent.

Teams will depend on the number of people interested. You are not asking to be put on a specific team - you are asking to be put on the same team with someone. Put 3-5 usernames of members of the comm and I'll try to accommodate everyone as much as possible but - obviously - I'm not promising everyone will get everyone they ask for, I'm only promising at least one person from your list. If you wish, you can simply say you don't need to be with anyone specific and you will still get a team.

Team names will be Halloween themed so if there's a particular magical/monstrous being you are uncomfortable with or you simply loathe let me know so I can put you on one of the other teams if that happens to be one of the teams.

This shouldn't be your only reason to sign up but it needs to be mentioned - there will be several small bonus rewards & awards for individuals to take to phase 3 - nothing big, less than for reaching the point cap in a regular phase.

Simple form for you to use:

Please comment before Monday.
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