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15 August 2013 @ 02:31 am
I'm experiencing some Google Docs issues so the spreadsheet is not ready and I'm out the door in 5 minutes so I will finish it tomorrow but everyone who was going to be moved should have invites to their new teams & new members should be joining you as we speak.

Everyone who didn't fill out the poll & everyone who said they wanted to leave was removed from the main comm and their team comm. I hope I didn't cut anyone by accident. If you were cut and want to stay, let me know! This entry is public.

And last but not least, Get Out of a Challenge Free Cards, made by the very helpful icequeen3101:

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02 August 2013 @ 04:01 pm
Two and a half days left in the phase, we're almost done but it's not over yet! There will be one more surprise team activity in one of the subcomms, the rest is all here:

At universe_the:

007 - We Made the News! - Voting Part 1 & Part 2, open to August 4th, 11:59pm EST

000 - The Selection Begins!, open to the end of the phase

At arena_the:

Fight 04 - Oscar Winners, new round every day at 10am EST

At letterbattle:

Fic 04 - AU!, open to August 3rd, 11:59pm EST

At meme_corner

Meme 06 - Alphabet, open to August 2nd, 11:59pm EST

At playground_the

Game 10 - Paper Planes, open to August 2nd, 11:59pm EST

At puzzleland

Puzzle 13 - Surprise Slitherlink, open till 3 people enter

Puzzle 10 - Find Your Way!, open to August 3rd, 11:59pm EST

At stampinggrounds

Stamping 001 - Whedonverse, no deadline to apply, apps closing every Monday
23 May 2013 @ 04:13 am
Open Activities:

At universe_the:

002 - Ladies, open to March 20th 11:59pm EST

003 - The Big One - About to get Personal, open to May 3rd but Part 1 only to March 28th 11:59pm EST

000 - Pimps, open to the end of the phase

At arena_the:


At letterbattle

Fic 01 - All Gen All the Time, open to March 15th 11:59pm EST

At meme_corner

Meme 01 - The ABCs of me, Fandom Edition, open to March 11th 11:59pm EST

At playground_the


At puzzleland


At spillthecolors:

Graphics 01 - Awards Season, open to March 25th 11:59pm EST

At stampinggrounds

Stamping - Firefly - Traits, stamping open to the end of the phase, traits suggestions to March 7th, 11:59pm EST

If you wish to copy the list:
19 May 2013 @ 11:50 pm
As you can see, the teams are pretty small as of right now. I can't say I'm surprised and I'm aware that it is because of people being cautious because of an unknown mod. I get it, really.

As I mentioned in my previous entry - along with other pretty vital information about the community - I've decided to hear your opinion on the subject before making a decision.
Our options, as I see them, are: 1. We can start with small teams and hope there are people out there who wanted to wait what kind of challenges this comm will have and what my style of running the comm is. And of course, that they will be satisfied enough with what they see to join. 2. We can postpone the start if you think there are more people you can talk into joining. 3. We could merge teams to have just two teams, at least for the first phase. At the moment I'm thinking Air and Earth as one and Fire and Water as the other because that would make the two teams even in members. If you see a fourth option, I would love to hear it!

Please vote, the poll will be open for 48 hours (let's say to 6pm EST/10pm GMT on Tuesday, May 21st)

Poll #1914319 What do we do?
This poll is closed.

Please choose

start like this
postpone start
merge teams
something else I will explain in comments

02 May 2013 @ 12:31 am
What is this?

Your first task, should you choose to accept it, is to help with the process of selecting people to become inhabitants of Universe, The. What this means is that you need to do is make an entry (at your LJ, your community, social communities of other landcomms, anywhere) promoting this community and link it here under your team thread.

You can make a promo banner for additional points.

Points: 5 for making a pimp post, 10 for making your own pimping banner, 5 for every person who mentions you in their application (up to 5 people)

If you pimp the community before you are officially sorted and post the link in your application you do not need to post it here, I will assign you your points as soon as you are sorted.

Deadline: end of the phase (exact time TBD)
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29 April 2013 @ 01:13 am
Sorry, we're closed!
[Link to spoiler]
Please fill out the following form if you would like to become a member.

Teams here at Universe, The are:

The team you are on has no influence on what you can do and how you can do it so you don't have anything to be concerned with if you don't get your first choice.

If there is someone you want to be on a team with (up to two people), please say so in your application under Team Choice.

Phase four: March 1st to May 3rd.


29 April 2013 @ 12:53 am
Welcome to Universe, The!

The idea behind this community is to combine the best things about land comms with some other fun things about fandom and being on the internet. Think land comm on a larger scale, a comm with more diversity of possibilities. The inspiration comes from land comms (d'uh), Hogwarts is Home (despite my limited knowledge of it) and numerous other communities.

All sorts of fandoms are welcome, movies, tv, books, comics... Some challenges will be focused on a specific type but more often than not the choice is yours.

Originally, our basis of operation was going to be on dreamwidth - centeroftheuniverse@DW is the comm that was the start of the idea. And everything was going to be happening in both places but I still haven't worked out the logistics and I got tired of waiting for the epiphany to come. I've been having some naming issues as well and having the same comm names here and there is proving difficult. And so Universe comma The was born!

(If there is interest or if LJ makes another bad change there will be a DW counterpart for sure.)


What will I see here?
Lots of graphic and fic challenges, games, bingo, puzzles... Your typical land comm stuff. And then some. Reviews, recs, graphic and fic battles, watchalongs, memes, stamping... There will be more opportunities for socializing while earning points.
None of these will be obligatory for everyone, of course.

How do I sign up?
In order to become a resident of Universe, The you need to fill out a short form here and be accepted. That form includes stating your team preference. As your application is approved, you will be assigned to a team. I will try to give you your first choice team but sometimes that will not be possible or at least you will have to wait if you have only one team you're interested in being on.

Hold on, what is this land comm you keep talking about?
Land comms are either fandom-specific or more general communities in which members join teams and do challenges earning points for their teams. While each phase (anywhere between a few weeks and a few months long) has an official winner - the team with most points - it's really more about enjoying your fandom(s) with people who enjoy it/them as much as you do and getting to know people of LJ(/DW at a later point).

How will these activities and challenges work?
Each new activity/challenge will have its rules explained in its entry. Submissions not following the rules will not be accepted. Deadlines for specific activities will also be clearly stated in their entries. Manners of submissions will wary depending on the type of activity but directions will always be present. If you're unsure about an activity, the questions thread for that activity is the place for you.

Do I have to do everything? How do points work?
Most definitely not. You can choose the activities you wish to do. The more things you do, the more points you and your team get but no one expects you to do everything. That said, trying new things can be tons of fun so if you never tried something, don't be scared or worried, go for it! You will not be cut from the community for inactivity but around the 25th of each month everyone who hasn't entered anything during that month will get the inactive status. This status is voided as soon as you enter something. Inactive members will not be counted towards the total number of members for averaging challenge points.

Are there any specific rules regarding my behavior aside from rules for entering challenges?
Several easy ones.
- Treat all the members of the community and myself with respect.
- Don't bash anyone. People here, actors, directors, producers, writers, artists, musicians, characters, ANYONE. Just don't.
- Put all spoilers behind a cut. Two weeks after an episode has aired, 3 months after a movie has opened in the theaters, and always warn for major spoilers like character deaths or big reveals, even for older shows/movies.
- Always use warnings. NSFW, ratings, potential triggers, etc.

All you inquires go here. Comments are screened but if you prefer keeping your questions private and/or you're worried about me unscreening them to reply and someone reading them you can always PM me. I have outernet obligations, too, but I will always try to get back to you within a day at most.

And finally, who am I and why the need for an account solely for this purpose?
I've been on livejournal for many, many years now. I've been in land comms and I have friends who've been in land comms and I have friends I've met through land comms. I love my life here on lj and the community of people in land comm circles. But I prefer keeping my el-jay persona separate from this mod persona. And as I'm hoping this community will expand it seems fitting to name myself just what I am, only the founder of this universe.
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